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  • Why Is it Important to Hire an Attorney for My DUI Charge?
    Why Is it Important to Hire an Attorney for My DUI Charge?

    When you are arrested for a DUI, your reputation takes a major hit that can be difficult to come back from. DUI cases are heard in criminal court, which means, if you are convicted, you can face: Jail ...

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  • Franklin Case
    Franklin Case

    In this case, our client faced aggravated assault and battery charges and a potential manslaughter indictment after he allegedly participated in an altercation with an individual who later passed ...

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  • Claddagh Licensing Hearing
    Claddagh Licensing Hearing

    We represented the Claddagh of Harwich, MA in its successful application for restoration of its revoked entertainment license. The license was granted after a unanimous vote. Claddagh Licensing Hearin ...

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  • Newell Case
    Newell Case

    In this matter our client was charged with firearms charges and with being an armed career criminal (carrying a mandatory minimum 15 year state prison sentence) after a car he was riding in was ...

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  • Interview: Kerrigan Trial
    Interview: Kerrigan Trial

    We were asked our opinion of whether it would be effective for the defense to call the defendant's sister, famed skater Nancy Kerrigan, as part of the defense. We agreed with other experts that her ...

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  • Interview: Chuck Turner
    Interview: Chuck Turner

    We were asked for analysis of the proceedings in the Chuck Turner bribery trial. Our analysis was not favorable. Interview: Chuck Turner Case

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