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While usually considered less severe than felonies, misdemeanors can still carry serious penalties, including possible jail time. Handcuffs and a gavel for misdemeanor charges However, one of the main differences between a felony charge and a misdemeanor charge is that individuals charged with a felony may be required to serve time in state prison instead of a county correctional facility. Misdemeanor charges do not carry state prisons sentences. At Gens & Stanton, P.C., our Boston misdemeanor attorneys want to help you during this difficult time.

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Understanding Misdemeanor Offenses in Boston

A misdemeanor is any crime that is not punishable by time in Massachusetts state prison.

Common Misdemeanor Charges in Massachusetts

  • First and second DUI offenses
  • Hunting and fishing violations
  • Disorderly conduct
  • The majority of motor vehicle offenses

Strategies for Misdemeanor Charge Reduction

Misdemeanors often carry fines and possible jail times. Unlike other states that have a classification system for misdemeanors listing penalties for each class, the state of Massachusetts instead has detailed penalties for each type of crime. Penalties can range from small fines to jail time in a correctional facility. One possible legal solution is to convert a misdemeanor into a civil infraction pursuant to M.G.L. ch. 277 sec. 70C. While this is not possible in every situation, our misdemeanor lawyers in Boston can carefully evaluate your case and determine if this is a possibility.

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